Friday, October 14, 2011

A Saturday Morning in the Life

It's 10:26 am and I just woke up, a little hungover, still very tired, but I must go on. So after propping a few pillows behind my back and pouring a big glass of rum and grapefruit juice, (60/40) I turn on the Tv for some background, and by the way, House : 20 Vicodin is on. ;0) I love this show, I love rum, I love grapefruit juice, so it's the perfect breakfast. Later, an hour or two after lunch, when I usually eat breakfast, I'll prolly get some Braunschweiger and Swiss Cheese on a English muffin, unless if I'm so trashed by then that I start cooking some extravagent meal, which sometimes happens when I've had a bit too much rum. But is there such a thing as too much rum?

This and other heavy questions swirl through my head as I check my email and try to wake up, still foggy behind the eyes. Soon I'll check my Zazzle account and make sure no one bought anything while I was sleeping peacefully last night, then it's on to my in-progress designs folder. Ah yes, the design purgatory, where good image files not quit ready for sale go for the night while I'm passed out drunk on the couch from a long day of toil. Sometimes I forget that I never actually finished the designs in there and so in the morning when I check my storefront, and I don't see them there, pristine and ready, shining for all the marketplace to see, I freak out rowdy and send bad crazy emails to Zazzle customer service, or even call them, and rant and rave like I'm a diamond seller, much to their chagrine, yet when they look in my store and see the designs there, in the unfinished folder, they calmly yet politely assure me that it must have been a problem with the server and no fault of mine. Oh Zazzle, what would I do without you?

Finally having woke up, and finished a few glasses of rum, House, and tormenting customer service, I put on the Weather Channel, which I watch religiously, or I'll put on the Fox Business News channel, and spend the rest of the day getting liquored up, designing, and talking mad trash to what would seem is corporate opression, but is really just my 52" flat screen tv from Sony. Now I need more rum, and I think that Braunschweiger would go good right about now, still, it's only 10:47. And after making the first link on this page, I realized, that it's only Friday!

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